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Resilience & Renewal:

Rise Stronger and Feel Awesome

Are you facing a challenging time in your life that's leaving you feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed

Resilience and Renewal, my 5-session flexible coaching experience will help you navigate challenges, changes and transitions with confidence.

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60-min Coaching Session:

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, leaving us feeling stuck and uncertain. In these moments, having a supportive ally can make all the difference. Our 1-hour ad hoc coaching session is designed to provide you with the guidance and clarity you need, precisely when you need it.

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Club Awesome:

Give your child the tools they need to feel awesome.

Do you worry about your child's anxiety? Do they seem low in confidence, self-belief and courage? 

We believe every child deserves to feel happy and confident.

That's why, we developed a 6-week course for children aged 8-12 that will help them feel awesome and thrive, no matter the circumstances.

Group Program


Embracing New Paths:

This is a free support group for women, like you and me, who are unable to have children. It is a safe space to explore feelings, to feel heard and supported, and so importantly to feel understood. It is also a space to learn new skills and personal growth strategies to help rebuild your confidence, resilience and sense of identity to be able to love your life for all that it is.

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Passion, Power & Purpose

Embrace a Life of Joy, Fulfilment, and Limitless Possibilities!

Over eight weeks, the Passion, Power & Purpose program will take you on a holistic and empowering journey.

Each phase focuses on a core aspect of your transformation – Passion, Power, and Purpose – providing you with the essential tools, insights, and practices to create a life that truly aligns with your deepest desires and values.

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