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One of the bestĀ decisions you can make as a family is to take time to work on your confidence, self-belief and resilience so that you and your loved ones can live an awesome, happier and more fulfilling life...

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Hi, I'm Jo

I am an experienced therapist and qualified transformational coach. I have nearly 20 years experience working in schools; 12 years psychotherapy experience as a music therapist and more recently as a mental health and personal development coach. 

My story


I was that child. The child that suffered with low self confidence and self worth. It affected me throughout my teens into my adult years and it took a lot of support and hard work to overcome my hurdles to create a life I love and feel so happy living.

I trained as a Music Therapist and specialised my work in child mental health and development. I achieved my diploma in Transformational Coaching and now use all my skills combined to do all important personal development work with children, teens and parents. 

Over the years working in different establishments, I have been saddened by the lack of support available for those who don’t meet the criteria or aren’t placed in the “in desperate need” box. Any child, teen or parent suffering from anxiety, overwhelm, low self-worth or confidence, or relationship struggles…is worthy of my support and I’m here ready to give it in abundance!

Why I do what I do

My passion is to encourage all young people to feel the confidence and happiness they deserve and to build the resilience and inner strength needed to cope with unfamiliar and sometimes scary situations. 

My values

You're awesome.

There is only one you, and discovering your 'awesome' is a great way to uncover and express who you really want to be deep down.

I believe that every parent and child deserves to feel confident and happy in their own skin and have the tools to navigate the emotional waters life takes us through no matter our age. 

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