Learn how to manage strong emotions and prevent outbursts in 3 easy steps - for parents and children

A FREE printable workbook to help you and your child feel calm and ready to resolve any issues that arise in your household whilst avoiding the feelings of stress and overwhelm

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You can turn the emotional meltdown into feeling 


With my personalised 3-tier strategy, you and your family will have resources to deal with emotional meltdowns and feel a lot more in control when feelings build up and you (or your child) feel ready to snap.



How to communicate better with your children and avoid emotional blowouts in your house in 3 steps 


Print it, fill it out with your child and stick it on your fridge for reference when things get heated. Once you sign up you'll receive it straight to your mailbox.

Hey, I'm Jo!

I am an experienced therapist and qualified transformational coach. I have nearly 20 years experience working in schools; 12 years psychotherapy experience as a music therapist and more recently as a mental health and personal development coach. 


My passion is to encourage all young people to feel the confidence and happiness they deserve and to build the resilience and inner strength needed to cope with unfamiliar and sometimes scary situations. 

 Over the years I have been saddened by the lack of support available for those who don’t meet the criteria for support or who aren’t placed in the “in desperate need” box. Any child suffering with anxiety, overwhelm, low self worth or confidence, peer relationship struggles…if your child is struggling in ANY way, they are 100% worthy of my support and I’m here ready to give it in abundance!

I’ve got the skills and experience to help you and your little ones begin your own personal journey to becoming happier and more emotionally resilient.

I hope you're excited to get started!